West Virginia - US Route 52

US Route 52

Photos head north partway through the state.

Starting just inside West Virginia, the new expressway built east of Bluefield carries US Route 52 on the north side of East River Mountain. Virginia, and the old road, is to the left/south.

Part of Northfork has been removed, but most of the town remains.

Heading through Kimball.

The highway passes curiously spelled Iaeger on the south side of Tug Fork. The photos look right (northeast) and left, and then crossing Tug Fork on the west side of town.

Through Wyoming County. The last two photos are a rock cut for the highway that forms a "gateway" to Mingo County.

Following the Guyandotte River toward Gilbert.

Looking south at Horsepen Mountain, nearing Mountain View and my favorite town, Pie.

Into Virginia on US Route 52
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