West Virginia - US Route 219

US Route 219

Photos were generally taken heading northward.

Buildings get progressively more inhabitable to the 1881 Monroe County Courthouse in Union.

Old Field Mountain is straight ahead in Maxwelton, with Loop Mountain behind and Sugartree Branch Mountain in the far distance. Cross Mountain is closest, to the west.

More of Loop Mountain, with Butler Mountain in front and a hint of Sugartree Branch behind.

Across a pass from Spice, descending Droop Mountain. Interestingly descriptive names.

From this new vantage, Cranberry Mountain is ahead and Swago Mountain is to its right.

More Swago Mountain, and then the southern end of Black Mountain inserts itself between the two.

In Hillsboro, I come to the Pearl S. Buck birthplace.

Some more Swago, cut with a bit of Black Mountain, before I get to Mill Point.

In Edray, looking north at Gay Knob and west.

Chestnut Flat, Gay Knob, and Cloverlick Mountain feature in the first photo, and the second is Marlin Mountain to the southeast.

Buzzard Ridge just west of north, then bent west toward Gauley Mountain. US Route 219 soon joins US Route 250 - see big link at bottom.

A major charcoal plant (West Virginia is full of the stuff) just south of Parsons.

From south to north and top to bottom, the 1900 Tucker County Courthouse in Parsons. (Construction started in 1898, hence the date.)

The jail and jailer's residence was built first, just south of the courthouse and now obscured by a new "old-style" building.

Heading south from WV 32 and Blackwater Falls, windmills threaten in the distance. Luckily, the threat passes over the horizon, and in a few miles you rise over a hill and come upon the following reassuring sight:

Yikes! US 219 SB needs a Windmill Ahead sign, because this really sneaks up on you and can be a scary experience. Stretching off to the right are more windmills, the same ones one sees from afar in the two photos above:

Here are those same windmills in the northbound direction, south of Benbush.

A new set appears close to the Maryland border, a few miles before US Route 219 proceeds into that state and encounters still more turbines.

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