West Virginia - Fairmont


Photos follow US Route 250 north into downtown.

The First United Methodist Church on the corner of Fairmont Avenue and 4th Street was built in 1911. I gave you more closeups than usual because it was sadly taken down in 2014. Fun story: a random guy used some of the stones to build a shoddy wall and unsafe stairs in his backyard. At least he was trying to preserve history.

Over Coal Run to dontown. The second photo is two separate buildings with similar names and dates: the George M. Jacobs block (1903) on the left, and the Jacobs Hutchinson Block (1902) on the right.

At Jefferson and Adam Streets, the 1880 Comerford Building is on the south corner and the 1907 Masonic Building (Beaux Arts style) is to the north at #320.

Various angles of the 1900 Marion County Courthouse (also Beaux Arts style), heading north on Adams Street to Jefferson Street and then looking south from Jackson Street.

From blind Justice on top down to the doorway columns and then to the left. Are there any Masonic symbols in the frieze? I wouldn't know, but I wouldn't be surprised.

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