Washington - US Route 730/Columbia River

US Route 730 and Columbia River

All photos were taken heading northeast.

A set of photos from the Oregon border, panning from the Horse Heaven Hills bluff in the west to the foothills of Juniper Peak along my east side.

All stuff to my east, starting a left-right pan at the 2nd photo.

Another panoramic set from northwest to northest.

Reversing direction, the first photo is to my right (east) and I swivel way around to the southeast, the only time on this page I look over my shoulder. The Twin Sisters make their first appearance in the distant left of the 5th photo, the thing that innocuously looks like a ring toss and I don't want to hear what else. The sisters are both visible from the river, but the US Route 730 approach is in line with them the whole way so you only see the one. Juniper Peak's foothills are in the back of the penultimate photo.

Getting reoriented, panning back through west to north.

Use your imagination.

The heights of Horse Heaven Hills gives way to smooth low hillocks, panning along the west side of the Columbia River.

As the highway passes the Twin Sisters at Mile 4, they fall out of view, and you get these unusually rippled folds at the base of Siwash Peak all the way up to Mile 5.

Bonus sunset coverage just after turning north (west) on US Route 12. Without the bluffs on either side hemming it in, this stretch of the river is wide and placid.

Passing Casey Pond, part of the former river path around Burbank, on my left. The wind farm is on... Horse Heaven Hills. They go for a long distance.

North along the Columbia River to State Route 243

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