Vermont - White River Jct.

White River Junction

#113 Maple Street (US Route 4) dates to 1890.

St. Anthony's Church on Church Street.

Um... something... at the Main Street Museum. Art?

The 1890 Gates Block, later the Gates-Briggs Block after the Briggs Opera House, is on the corner where South Main Street turns west and becomes North Main Street (because "West Main Street" is clearly silly, obviously).

Gates was clearly an important man, as these buildings are located on the eastern stub end of Gates Street, whose intersection with South Main is the nexus of the White River Junction Historic District. Although they look run-down, both are historic, the first dating to 1875 and the second to 1895.

From the end of Gates Street, you can see the 1937 Boston and Maine Railway depot. I believe instead of a weathervane it has a weathertrain.

It also has a real train, an 1892 steam locomotive from the Boston & Maine.

Hotel Coolidge is on the northwest corner of Gates and South Main Streets. It was born in 1879 as the second incarnation of the Junction House, and renamed for Colonel John Calvin Coolidge, father of the president and close friend of the other colonel who ran the hotel. The President himself stayed here a few times.

The 1910 Greenough Building is on the southwest corner, and also served a hotel function. Unlike Hotel Coolidge, this one appears to no longer be in use as such, or else the $1.00 rate is now $100. The brass letters spelling the building name are starting to fall off. At least they keep up the painted ads from bygone years.

The 1892 First National Bank building, still a bank, is on the southeast corner. The newer-looking addition to the left dates to 1912, so "newer" is a relative term.

The 1929 Colodny Building is just south of the bank, past #72 (which was in the first bank photo).

Finally, the 1934 former post office is on the northeast corner, and now serves as a district court.

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