Vermont - Route 30

Route 30

Starting in the north, here are two historic buildings in Cornwall. The 1st Congregational Church of Cornwall was built in 1803 and is just north of the Route 74 junction, while the 1915 Mary Baker Allen DAR Chapter House is just south.

Heading south through Whiting, with the Green Mountains to the east.

The 1807 Sudbury Congregational Church once had a single tall steeple, but it was removed due to wind concerns. (The wind would have just removed it anyway. That's lame.) The multiple Gothic steeples were added in the 1850s when this was converted to a town hall, because nothing says removal of religious functionality like adding more steeples. Also, "as of 1977" (thanks, helpful sources), this was still both a church and a town hall. So much for separation of church and state. I don't know what has transpired over the last 40 years, but I suspect this is no longer either of the above.

These are not at all the same body of water. The first photo is Lake Hortonia, the middle two are Beebe Pond, and the last is unfortunately named Lake Bomoseen, which sounds like a 1950's hair or sanitary product. Apply twice daily and call a physician if redness persists.


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