Vermont - Route 215/Cabot

Route 215 and Cabot

All photos were taken heading north.

As the highway begins in Marshfield, it passes Danville Hill and follows the Winooski River.

Cross the Winooski (facing north here), enter Cabot, and visit its namesake factory's visitor center. Actually, there's not much inside. But it's the factory!

Let's call this the town square. The north side features the 1849 Congregational Church (now United Church of Cabot), 1938 Village School (all grades), Civil War Monument (to the memory of Cabot soldiers who fell in the Great Rebellion, 1861-1865), and a pink house. #73 Danville Hill Road is the oldest of all, with some part of it dating to 1800. Note that unlike every other old church's clock I saw in Vermont, this one is keeping the correct time.

Also in Cabot: an 1868 Victorian house with a car barn instead of a garage, at #3296 Main Street. I'm sure it once housed horses.

Moving on, looking west and then southwest at the Worcester Mountains in the hazy distance.

The road will end soon.

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