Vermont - Route 14

Route 14

Photos progress southward, and all but the first 3 were taken heading south.

Heading north from Coventry past Cleveland Hill (first photo, trailing into second).

From left to right, all you see before you is Lowell Mountains, and the main peak is labeled "Lowell" on the USGS topographical quadrangle.

More Lowell Mountains, with Round Hill in front.

Looking east, this is the south side of Chamberlain Hill, left and right. The main hill is a bit north of here.

The last glimpse of the Lowell Mountains features wind turbines on its southern ridge.

West Hill is straight ahead, and Jeudevine Mountain is to its distant left.

West Hill (1st photo) gives way to Babcock and Sharps Hills (left, center) and Mt. Sarah at right.

The Black River widens into Lake Elligo on the east.

Little Elligo Pond then follows.

Alongside Jeudevine Mountain (to the right of the 1st photo), then past Hardwick.

Things related to Woodbury: an unnamed pond just south of the center of town, and Calais-Woodbury United Church.

Past Sabin Pond to the East Calais Church, built in 1850 and no longer a church, but still at Church Street.

Spruce Mountain is due east from North Montpelier, which is a village in the town of East Montpelier, which is northeast of Montpelier as it should be.

Panning across Paine Mountain and Irish Hill in the south to the Northfield Mountains in the distant southwest.

One last church; the Old Brick Church in the village of East Montpelier, which is also in the town of East Montpelier because that's how Vermont operates, dates to 1834.

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