Vermont - Route 105

Route 105

All photos were taken heading east until the last 3.

The Missisquoi River in Enosburg.

Everything to my south, mainly the Missisquoi. The last photo is east of Richford.

Mont Sutton is to the northeast and Mont Brock is to its right. If you could guess by the names, they're in Québec.

Past Route 105A, which goes straight into Canada, I get views of North Jay Peak and then come to the side of Mont Brock. Since I'm still in Vermont, can I call this part of it Brock Mountain?

Route 105's pass through the Green Mountains is unnamed but worth the drive. All of these photos face east as the road winds its way down the east side; the third photo features the foothill of Mont Burnt. If you couldn't tell from names like Sutton, Brock, and Burnt, this was once an Anglophone part of Québec.

Unnamed foliage to the south, Lowell Mountains in the southeastern distance, unnamed pond to the north.

Looking northeast from the town of Troy (Route 101 junction) at Mont Hawk (left) and Mont Bear (right). Mont Bear extends into Vermont and is thus also known as Bear Mountain. Couldn't they have come up with «Mont Ours» for the northern part?

Province Hill is to the north. Mont Owl's Head (really?) is next, and then comes Hawk (single peak at left) and Bear (the rest of the hill).

Captured amongst those photos: the First Congregational Church of North Troy, built in 1863.

More views of Monts Hawk and Bear, including modeling photos of each from the south as I head toward Newport. I think the white dot is the top of a silo.

Heading west from New Hampshire, across the Nulhegan River in the first photo (French Mountain ahead) to Clyde River (looking south) in the last.

Newport (along Route 105)

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