Vermont - Route 100

Route 100

Photos progress southward, and all but the first 3 and last 1 were taken heading south.

The northernmost stretch of Route 100 faces Bear Mountain, a majority of which is known as Mont Bear because it lies just beyond the border in Qu├ębec.

Let's head south. Well, the highway soon turns west, so that affords a glimpse of the Green Mountains, featuring Gilpin Mountain.

Black Hill is what's actually south right now.

Still heading west, so still looking at the Green Mountains.

To the right of Black Hill, the southern end of the Lowell Mountains is visible, featuring wind turbines! You know I'll be checking those out.

By Westfield, the road heads south again, and this looks east at Black Hill once more.

Lowell Mountains everywhere, windmills galore. The 3rd photo shows a bonus Leland Hill to the right/west of the Lowell Mountains.

Autumn, 2013.

East is Eden, Lake Eden and Eden peak/hill.

Again east, Bean Mountain lies across the Gihon River.

Bonus northward photo, facing Hadley Mountain (left) and Mt. Norris (right) north of North Hyde Park.

Route 100 in Waitsfield
Route 100 in Waterbury

Stowe (with Route 100)
Route 100 roads photos
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