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A bunch of buildings in North Bennington, which is still part of Bennington but a distinct village to the northwest. You'll find them at Main and Houghton Streets, VT Routes 67 and 67A.

Post and town offices, north of downtown.

The old post office was much larger (or maybe the first one was just a branch). The letters "UNITED STATES POST OFFICE" were removed when it was decommissioned in 1967, but it served as a Federal building until 1993. Not sure what it does now.

Not Chittenden anymore, but quite possibly still a bank, on the corner of US 7 and VT Route 9 in the heart of the city.

On another corner. The eight members of Occupy Bennington were out (November 12, 2011), but mostly just to wave to their friends. There's not much animosity up here.

Looking west on Main Street.

At least part of the 1913 Old Bennington High School, #650 Main Street (VT Route 9) east of downtown. It closed in 2004.

First Congregational Church, up on the hill overlooking town. There's something else up there and it takes up the rest of this page.
Bennington Battle Monument

Visible for miles, the monument dominates the rolling landscape of southwestern Vermont. For a nominal fee, you can walk up to the slitted windows about 3/4 of the way up and command an expansive view of several states at once (at least three, maybe five if you can catch NH and CT).

For a lot more money and a one-day insurance policy, you can climb up to the very tippy top and change the lightbulb. Don't impale yourself on the needlessly spiky ornament - that's probably more of a risk than falling.

Forgetting how to stop - walking, photographing, or taking things too far.

A couple of statues. The second one is Seth Warner, Ethan Allen's cousin and of course one of the Green Mountain Boys.

Inside the monument, there's a chamber partway up the stairs with a pair of plaques. One is for the Vt. Historical Society (and a bunch of names), the other is for the Grand Army of the Republic organized October 23, 1868. They're really high up for some reason, so this is the best I could do.

Starting in the northwest and twirling eastward. After passing the under-construction US 7/VT Route 279 interchange (formerly half abandoned, but I tell you about that on the 279 page I just linked), my first stop is Bald Mountain.

Continuing around the Walloomsac River Valley to the east, past Bennington to the old part of town near the monument to the south.

Opposite Bald Mountain is Mt. Anthony.

The 2009 Bennington Moosefest
The 2011 Bennington Road Meet
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