All photos look north in an eastbound airplane.

Following the Vermilion Cliffs from Arizona into Utah.

Things named after objects: The Cockscomb (linear rock formation), next to Cottonwood Creek, followed by Fourmile Bench in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

After passing Chance Creek, another distance-named feature, Fiftymile Mountain. It does seem to be that long.

This may be the Wasatch Range to the far north.

I know this to be the Henry Mountains to the north-northeast, crowned by Mt. Pennell.

Interesting canyon of the Escalante River.

The famed Colorado River forms the famed Lake Powell, with the Henry Mountains in the background to the northwest. The triangular arm of the lake is Bullfrog Bay.

Among the Henry Mountains: Mounts Pennell and Hillers in front, Mt. Ellen and Bull Mountain in back, forming a square.

From Red Canyon in the Red Rock Plateau (first 2 photos) to Fry Canyon (last 4 photos).

The center 2 photos are top/bottom (north/south).

More natural beauty until I come to Dry Mesa, which is just a dry mesa.

Skipping that, let's focus on the La Sal Mountains to the northeast, with an interloping 2nd photo at the east end of Dry Mesa where it gets interesting again.

Montezuma Creek forms Montezuma Canyon. For reference, Dodge Canyon comes in at left under the jet engine casing.

Past the east wall of Big Gypsum Valley, on my way into Colorado. Each pair of photos is left/right.

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