Texas - US 66 - McLean

Former US 66, McLean

Heading east into the center of town on old US 66, Railroad Street. The tire adorns the Texaco station, but why?

Now turning north up Main Street, on the west side. That means despite the sign, the Avalon really isn't a Route 66 roadside attraction, since it's on the wrong roadside.

West of there along 1st Street, which is old US 66 westbound. (Both directions probably were on Railroad Street originally until traffic grew.) This was the first Phillips 66 station in Texas in the 1920s, fittingly on its namesake route.

Looking south and north from the corner of Main and 1st Streets.

Heading east along the south side of 1st Street. My best guess at the second building's former life is Coors Agency, but that seems rather formal for a beer distributor.

Even more dilapidated on the north side. The window dressing somehow fails to make it better.

Most of the Midwest is one big tribute to barbed wire, but here there's a museum for it. There are also road signs at this museum, as linked below.

Route 66 remnants heading east out of town.

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Devil's Rope/Route 66 Museum sign photos

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