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The Old Bundy Tavern started life as the Bundaberg Hotel, but it was made of timber and so burned to the ground. So it's not so old, but the revamped Hotel Bundaberg was constructed in 1917. Out of brick. And here it still is at Quay and Tanitha Streets, so they got that one right.

Next up is now just a commercial establishment, but started life as the Qunaba House in 1887. If that sounds like an exotic name for the 19th century, that's because Qunaba was the QUeensland National Australia BAnk. Still exotic.

Like the Qunaba House, this is an old bank on the corner of Quay and Targo Streets that has been repurposed from its original use. However, I couldn't find a date or name for it, so all I can tell you is that this is not also the Qunaba House.

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