Queensland - Barkly Hwy.

Barkly Highway, National Highway A2

All photos were taken heading west from Cloncurry to Mount Isa through the Mount Godkin Range.

On National Highway A2 when it's still part of the Flinders Highway with Highway A6, this nameless weird split rock is on the left just before entering Cloncurry.

Looking west at the National Highway A2 split with National Route 83 (to the right), where Flinders Highway and Highway A6 end.

A whole bunch of scenery up to my first glimpse of Mount Burstall, the only named mound on the QLD topographical map along Barkly Highway. The 2nd photo shows some the outback's famous Standing Stones. You'll see them pop up now and then throughout this page. They just... exist. They didn't erode fast enough. The 4th and 3rd photos from the end form a left/right pair looking ahead.

The rich, black soil implies some sort of volcanic activity. Apparently, though, it's just very clayey. Not enough rain to do much with it though.

The last two photos look across my body to the right (north).

Another left/right pair of photos end this short run, and a stray Standing Stone greets you.

The tone changes 5 photos in where I pulled into Mount Isa for the night, resulting in a lot more sun for the rest of the photos. Standing Stones are starting to become more ubiquitous. The penultimate photo is about 40 kilometres past Mt. Isa, while the windmill is over 100 km later, just a half hour from the NT border.

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