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Looking north at the St. Lawrence River from Ste-Catherine on the south shore.

Location: Rue Wellington at Rue de l'Église. Denomination: Catholic. Church: Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs. Translation: Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows. Sounds fun.

Heading west from there on Rue de l'Église, someone decided this apartment building at Rue de Verdun needed giant insects and ghostly vertebrates.

The 19th-century dome of the main hospital build of Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal rises above the northwest end of Rue Ste-Famille at Avenue des Pins. "Hostel of God" is old French for hospital, which were commonly administered by churches in the Middle Ages.

The original Molson Brewery was indeed founded here in 1786, along Rue Notre-Dame across from Île Ste-Hélène, although this is clearly not the original building.

Just to the north is the opposite case - original building, but the function is gone. Caserne Letourneux was built in 1914-1915 as Fire and Police Station (one of the meanings of Caserne) #1 for the de Maisonneuve neighborhood. When land was cleared along Rue Notre-Dame for the proposed but never-built extension of what's now Autoroute 720, the station was cut off, and ceased its function in 1981. It took 22 years to find an occupant, and after having spent its first century with a function unrelated to adjacent Parc Champêtre, the building and park will now both serve the Montréal Impact football (soccer) team, or IMFC.

Famous Stade Olympique is "Montréal north" (away from the river, or almost due west) from Parc Champêtre, seen here on Rue Sherbrooke (QC Route 138) heading "Montréal west" (due south). Once home to the Expos, it now only hosts playoff games for the Alouettes CFL team and other random events. Although quite a large stadium, it felt very cozy due to the dome and relatively little space behind the foul lines, so any future Montréal baseball team would not be playing here.

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