Québec - Beauharnois


Former QC Route 236, Chemin St-Louis, heading southwest out of town past St-Clément Church. The highway now bypasses Beauharnois to the west, which doesn't help a whole lot for eastward travelers who still have to go all the way through the town. (So, then, use the old road.)

Back northeast toward centre-ville (downtown).

Driving east past the Beauharnois Dam, across the Beauharnois Canal. While most canals are used to bypass falls or rapids, this one ends up using the bypass for power generation. There is a set of locks for a ship bypass, which, given that this is the mighty St. Lawrence, certainly gets used.

Driving west along QC Route 132. The canal is divided into three power-generating channels, along with a spillway and the aforementioned bypass.

Closer views of the dam while standing at the roadside.

Roads photos along QC Route 132
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