Pennsylvania - Reading


Whatever passes for a skyline is what I see on the Bingaman Street Bridge. The spire on the far left is the Trinity Lutheran Church and the larger one on the right is St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church. That leaves the tall building in the middle, the Berks County Courthouse.

The old Liberty Fire Company #5 building is just over the bridge at Laurel Street and Fifth Street.

Continue on Laurel Street and find St. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church. St. Peter was first, but this one caters to Slovaks. Presumably there are enough of them in Reading to sustain it.

Welcome to Penn's Common, an area that's now just a small park off of Mount Penn. It took me long enough to figure out what each monument was - and even where this park is - so you're going to read it and like it. In order, we have the Volunteer Firemen's Monument, Christopher Columbus, First Defenders Monument (for the Union troops who rushed to the nation's capital as the Civil War broke out), and McKinley Monument. Fun fact about the last one, while you're forced to be here: It's based on the President's death mask. See, that wasn't so bad.

Not quite the Cubs, the Reading Phillies have adopted a vegetable race. Looks like lettuce, mushroom, broccoli, and carrot. Kielbasa wins even without being here.

While at the Phillies game, I ran into the mascot exiting the john. Hey, everyone's gotta go. His name is Screwball, and with googly eyes and a dangling tongue he's definitely a strike short of the third out.

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