Pennsylvania - Delmont


Photos head west along Pittsburgh Street (old US Route 22).

Two log cabins, but one's a replica. You got it wrong. The first one, Shields Farm, is a modern replica of earlier buildings, using period construction and wood type. The second one, #114 East Pittsburgh Street, is an original 1811 building with a refurbished exterior.

In the meantime, I skipped the 1816 Bigham House at #300.

The Lutheran Hill Home, named for being on Lutheran Hill, is #100 East Pittsburgh, and the long apartment building is #19 West Pittsburgh at Legion Lane. I don't have a construction date for either building, but I have to think the first is within a few years of the Bigham House. The apartments could be any time after that, given the propensity for such buildings to be reconstructed and added onto multiple times.

Closing with the 1818 turnpike toll house, #225 West Pittsbugh Street at Tollgate Lane.

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