Ontario - Trans-Canada Highway 11

Trans-Canada Highway 11

All photos were taken heading east.

Highway 11 crosses Rainy Lake on the long Noden Causeway. Here are two photos of the south side.

Here are two photos of the north side of the causeway as it curves north onto an unnamed island. The second photo looks back west at the roadway and power lines heading back toward Fort Frances.

One more Rainy Lake photo, a few kilometres east at Commissioners Bay.

A small pond feeding into Plateau Lake, about 5 km east of the Atikokan turnoff.

Panning from east to west along Windigoostigwan Lake. It's a very long-windigoosted name.

One more view of - oh, just read the sign.

A bunch of rocks suffered for the road 80 kilometres from Shabaqua.

Looking north at the eastern (Crayfish Creek) leg of Huronian Lake, then looking south at a feeder to Kabatay Lake.

Trans-Canada Highway 17 and Highways 11/17
Trans-Canada Highway 11 through Fort Frances

Trans-Canada Highway 11 roads photos
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