Ontario - Sibley Peninsula

Sibley Peninsula

All photos were taken along Highway 587, which is the only major road on the peninsula.

The view from the town of Silver Islet includes the islet of Silver Islet, where silver was once discovered to draw people here. There are a few unnamed islets to the east ringing the unnamed harbour of Lake Superior.

Two eastward views of Surprise Lake from different vantages. Should I be concerned about the trickle streaming out of the lake? No, that's the actual outlet to Lake Superior.

Marie Louise Lake, on the west side of Highway 587, affords the best view of the Sleeping Giant that the peninsula is known for. Even though the formation was named for the Thunder Bay-facing side, it's pretty obvious here.

Driving north past Pickerel Lake.

Driving south past same. Any visitor to the peninsula will see the same lakes twice.

Pass Lake, so called because you must Pass it to enter or leave the peninsula. Actually, I'm not sure what it's named for, so why not? These photos head west, on my way toward Thunder Bay.

The eastward view entering the peninsula, and then 3 photos panning from west to east from the west end of the lake.

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