Oklahoma - US 66 - Texola and Erick

Former US 66, Texola and Erick

All photos face east.

Through the "center" of the border town of Texola. I almost put "town" in quotation marks, and soon "Texola" may get the same treatment at the rate it's going.

Things don't look much better entering Erick. Is the car there for kitsch value, or has it really been parked for 40 years along with the rest of the town?

Okay, Erick is better than Texola. First of all, there's an actual attraction here. Second, there's an actual downtown and it takes more than 60 seconds to pass through it. Erick is also the home of Sheb Wooley, namesake of the street with the museum on it. It's hard to say Sheb is known for anything, but his best-known work is Purple People Eater. Yes, that song came from a country singer and cowboy.

I'd say it's no better-looking exiting town than it was entering, but at least this old motel was converted into an emergency department garage.

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