Ohio - Zanesville


US Routes 22 and 40 enter the east side of Zanesville past St. Nicholas Catholic Church, toward the east end of Main Street at 9th Street.

Heading west through the thick of the commercial district at 7th Street.

Currently the Old Towne Antique Mall, this old building is on the northwest corner of Main and 6th Streets.

Muskingum County Courthouse, found between 4th and 5th Streets.

It's just a community art project, but if you look up "circle of vases" it's apparently the only time anyone has made one of these. Zanesville is a pottery-rich city and has an annual pottery festival, so it makes sense to decorate the land with pottery. It makes slightly less sense to have it all outside downtown, since many Zanesville visitors will take the closest exit on the Interstate instead of one to the west. Nonetheless, instead of distributing them around town, the people want them in a circle. You'll find it just west of the "Y Bridge" over the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum Rivers, in an unused lot along Main Street/US Route 40.

As noted, west of downtown doesn't receive nearly as much commercial attention.

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