Ohio - Lakewood


Photos progress east along Detroit Avenue, US Route 6 Alternate.

St. James Catholic Church had its dedication ceremony in November 1914.

On the corner of Cranford Avenue, dating to 1925 (the front building at least).

The Neoclassical 1922 First Church of Christ Scientist and the similar but different 1916 Masonic temple.

I believe the Marjorie Building dates to 1917.

The Detroit Cook Building (or Cook Medical/Arts Building) dates to 1926.

The unique First Federal Lakewood Bank operations center at #14826 appears to date to a unique era. The best date I got for it was 1935, in the middle of Art Deco. Though this isn't Art Deco, it's quite different from the 1910s and 1920s buildings I've otherwise been showcasing.

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