New Zealand - Russell/Russell Rd.

Russell and Russell Road

As Russell Road heads east, this is the last scenic moment to look south, and my camera decided to go macro on me.

The hills start folding near Helena Bay and get textured past Punaruku.

I think this is looking west (into the mountains). Drive the road and let me know.

The more the road twists, the less sure I am which direction any of these photos face. The file names give you my best guesses.

After Rawhiti Rd., there's not much to see except brief peeks of the southeastern reaches of Waikare Inlet because the road is enveloped by a temperate rainforest as it crosses the ridge of the Ngaiotonga Reserve. There is a longer but fully paved road that skirts the coastline instead of crossing through the middle, but where's the fun in that?

More views of Waikare Inlet, the part that has water year-round.

These are things.

Hills separate Waikare Inlet from Paroa and define the peninsula on which Russell sits.

Russell was one of the first settlements in New Zealand, and while there's not much to see now, it has the oldest church in the country, the 1835 simply named Christ Church. The general beauty of Russell Road is the only reason to drive this far to see a single building.

Russell Rd. road photos
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