New Zealand - NZ 6 - Grey District

Highway 6, Grey District

All photos were taken heading south.

Barely across the Punakaiki River from Buller District, these are basically rocky closeups of my last photo there.

As the Paparoa Range heads toward the sea, Highway 6 heads inland for a little while.

Highway 6 returns to the sea at Seventeen Mile Bluff. Rounding that escarpment, you can see the trail of rocks from Fourteen Mile Bluff, along with the upcoming adventures at Nine Mile Bluff and Point Elizabeth. Namers got a bit lazy in these parts.

Here's 14 Mile in all its glory.

9 Mile is still the most visible intermediate bluff before Point Elizabeth, but in the last photo I have to first get past Twelve Mile Bluff. That's all of them.

Oh, that's not all. Before Nine Mile Bluff is Ten Mile Creek, which has a bluff of its own. I got you some closeups as well as the rock cut for the little mining road up the side.

Looking seaward (west) along the creek, also known as the Waianiwaniwa River.

Now free of all English-unit named bluffs, Point Elizabeth is up next, with the Rapahoe (or Twelve Apostles) Range starting to rise behind it.

Here's the best view I can get you of Point Elizabeth. Closeups? We got them. Named rocks in the ocean? The last two photos are Big Rock and Shag Rock. Yes, both rocks are Shag Rock. There's another, more notable, Shag Rock by Christchurch. I wasn't kidding about namers being lazy.

No idea what this is, but it's interesting.

Rapahoe Range begins ahead, Paparoa Range ends to the left.

I got down off the Highway 6 bridge (no duck jokes please) to sneak this photo of the 1909 "Brick House" in Greymouth, the Grey District seat. This was the former government building and is now an ale house - it was that or demo, so let's drink to its existence!

There's not a whole lot to see south of Greymouth, but here's a small sample: the Southern Alps (Ka̅ Tiritiri o te Moana), which will show up more and more as I get into Westland District loom in the distant south, while Mounts French and Smart show up as twins as I look east near the New River.

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