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Highway 2

Looking across Wellington Harbour before Highway 2 reaches Lower Hutt. The southern reaches of the Remutaka Range, which Highway 2 later crosses, are in the distance.

Looking north-northeast at Cannon Point and, behind it, the foothills marking the southern end of the Tararua Range.

Looking northeast, this is also Tararua Range. After Highway 2 crosses the Remutaka (see link at bottom), or more accurately where Highway 2 follows heads through Pakuratahi at the north end of the range, it picks up again as an eastern fork of the Tararua. The two forks later merge at the tallest part of the range, with peaks over 1.5 km tall (Arete, Bannister, Lancaster).

After the Remutaka Range, Highway 2 enters Featherston and finds this WWI memorial.

Westward views of the Tararua Range between Featherston and Masterton (see link at bottom).

Picking up where I left off. The windmill says "museum" but is still a windmill and thus photogenic.

Breaking the monotony with photos facing eastward over the next half hour of driving. The highest peaks are in the Puketoi range, which is what a small dog does after chewing its squeaki bone too zealousli.

In the centre of Pahiatua at Mangahao Rd.

Looking east (2 photos) and west - that's still the Tararua Range - near Woodville.

Windmills, therefore photogenic.

Jumping hundreds of kilometres (350 by air, 460 by the most direct route, and nearly 800 via Highway 2 along the coast) to the northern reaches of the Waikato Region, here are some northward views of the Hapuakohe Range southeast of Auckland.

Facing east at Rawiri Rd. shortly after Highway 2 begins.

Remutaka Range (Highway 2)
Masterton (Highway 2)

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