New Zealand - NZ 1 - Southland/Otago Regions

Highway 1, Southland and Otago Regions

All photos were taken heading north.

The war memorial in Woodlands.

Southland scenery heading into Mataura, with a look down Bridge Street to the old ad.

Otago scenery up to Balclutha.

Most of two buildings in Milton.

The last photo is in Clarendon on, of all things, Phosphate Road.

Continuing past Lake Waihola to the mountain ridge of Maungatua.

Skipping Dunedin (see big link below), I head toward the lush coast north of Waitati.

Starting with a faraway view of the Sir John McKenzie Memorial overlooking Palmerston, heading north for a few kilometres to the coast at Shag Point, ending with a look back south. The faint traces of snowcapped mountains are a hint for what to look forward to as you continue north to Canterbury Region.

This photo runs end at the Brydone Monument just south of O̅amaru.

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