New Zealand - NZ 1 - Canterbury Region

Highway 1, Canterbury Region

All photos are taken heading north.

Scenery starting north of the Waitaki River and passing the Waihao River.

The Sacred Heart Basilica in Timaru.

Faint mountains about 20 km past Temuka.

The giant salmon of Rakaia is as happy to see you as you are to see... how do you gender salmon again?... zir. Most of the Big Things live in Australia, but New Zealand has a few of its own. Click for piscatorial closeup.

At the Selwyn River (or Waikirikiri in Ma̅ori).

Scenery north of Amberley.

Between Waipara and Omihi.

Starting 5 km north of Omihi.

Looking left/west (first photo) and right/east along the Hurunui River.

An old railroad depot of some variety.

Swirly sunlit scenery to the west of Highway 1.

Glimpses of the upcoming Seaward Kaikoura Range, with the last three photos forming a panorama from left to right. (The two before those also stitch together, but they're not as snowy so I don't care.)

Before I get to Hawkswood, this page ends with a look west along the Waiau River.

Hawkswood Range
Hundalee Hills
Kaikoura District
Seaward Kaikoura Range
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