New York - Manhattan - Midtown

Manhattan - Midtown (20th Street to 45th Street)

The iconic Flatiron Building separates 5th Avenue from Broadway heading south from Madison Square.

The German Evangelical Lutheran Church on W. 22nd Street.

This isn't just a random name in Art Deco lettering, but was once a former terminal for the Gulf Oil Company at the east end of 23rd Street. I believe the lettering has since been stripped as the building was repurposed into publicly available parking.

Looking east along 30th Street. from the north end of the High Line (check out the big link at bottom).

As random as I can get.

St. Vartan Cathedral, a giant Armenian church along 2nd Avenue at 35th-34th Streets.

Two more churches, one now closed at 123 West 23rd Street, the other (Roman Catholic Church of Our Saviour) on 38th Street at Park Avenue.

The Art Deco pillar of the 25-story Towne House (1930) rises behind the Church of Our Saviour.

Last church, one everyone sees and no one thinks about. The Sts. Cyril and Methodius and St. Raphael's Catholic Church, Croatian Parish, is at the corner of 41st Street and Galvin Avenue, which is better known as the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel North Tube. See, everyone passes this church. To explain its long name, it was born in 1903 as St. Raphael's, an Irish church. As the neighborhood Irish population declined, their congregation was merged out of this church, and the 1910 Croatian church (named for two saints simultaneously) moved in, but respectfully kept the original saint in the name as well. The stone face is on 41st, the brick is along Galvin.

Walk by this at ground level and you'll just see a Duane Reade. Look up and you'll be labeled a tourist, but then you can appreciate the rest of the building.

Continuing north on Broadway. Since the last photo is inconclusive, I prefer to think of the Haier Building as the Hater Building.

This is the relatively new Westin Hotel at Times Square. Many have blogged about it, and I shall say no more. Except "wow" and "ew."

The Paramount Building/Theatre (now just 1501 Broadway) can be easily identified by the "Paramount" logo over the decorative archway, but that was actually restored by the World Wrestling Federation many years after the original was destroyed by the New York Times. So much for being a respected newspaper.

The Town Hall was built on 43rd Street as a place for everyone to hear and discuss issues during the fight for women's suffrage in 1921. It was essentially a theatre, so its operation as such now should turn no heads. The old Woodstock Hotel next door is now subsidized housing for the elderly poor and formerly homeless.

How many years have I gone without having photos of the Empire State Building here? The last photo includes the top of the Metropolitan Building, also tall and lit.

The last row of windows below the spire.

Macy's continues to be better and better represented, as I finally get inside for photos of the original escalators on the upper floors, back when they were rightfully Escalators™.

And I went even longer without the Chrysler Building.

Closing out the page and closing out the day from Chelsea, looking toward NJ.

New Year's Eve 2010-11, Times Square
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