New York - Croton Point

Croton Point

Unless you already know about Croton Point, you're likely to miss Croton-on-Hudson's treasure. It's tucked away behind a freeway and I only lucked into it by trying to make a U-turn.

A stormy sky swept over the Antarctic as I took these photos. Or, I inverted the colors to turn boring duplicates into exciting works of art!

Rotating from southwest to north from the sandy beach along the southwestern part of Croton Point. The body of water here is the Hudson River, and technically also the Tappan Zee, an inland "sea" named by the Dutch due to the width of the river here. The houses in the background are seaside/riverside development in Croton-on-Hudson.

The Antarctic ice claims another stretch of land...

I didn't have to do any work to turn my photographs into Impressionist works of art - my camera's light-adjusting feature did that for me. Click on either one for a closeup (the second one hasn't even been resized from the original) to see pointillistic perfection.

Doing the same thing here in the grass (on the northwest part of Croton Point) as I did in the sand, rotating from south to north (starting with the previous painting-photos).

Tucked into the north side of Croton Point is a secluded sandy beach hemmed in by trees to the left and a pier to the right. It's the perfectly tranquil beach if you don't mind dirty, cold river water.

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