Northern Territory - Stuart Hwy. - S. of Alice Spgs.

Stuart Highway south of Alice Springs

All photos are heading south.

The sun rises in the east, so your first batch of photos is to the west.

Here you see what happens when I try to take photos of the early morning sun, and then forget that I was adjusting my exposure and try to take a photo of a rock formation.

The sun is finally high enough that I can start taking photos to the east (last 3). Since I passed the Tropic of Capricorn the night before (on the northern page - see big link at bottom), the sun will always be to my north, so it's starting to light the north faces of western scenery.

Still mostly to the right, but the 2nd photo is left. The last two photos are the left and right sides of a bluff to the west.

The last 2 photos are left and right sides looking west.

Hey, guess where the sun was when I took this!

The last 2 photos are a left/right pair looking west, as are the 5th/6th photos (centre two in this run).

Last photos before the Lasseter Highway turnoff in about 20 km. The penultimate photo is east and the others are west.

Beyond Lasseter Highway, weird rock formations return before the highway leaves the territory.

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