New South Wales - Tenterfield


All photos are along the New England Highway (A15).

The sun sets as I enter town from the south.

An imperious willie wagtail makes himself known. I thought willies and tails were opposites.

The 1888 Stannum House was named after tin, whose mining funded its original occupant.

The building that says School of Arts on it dates to 1903, but the original School of Arts building next to it dates to 1869. And the date on that door is 1884. I don't know anymore.

The Tenterfield Post Office, which feels more like a court house or town hall, opened in 1881 and the clock tower was completed in 1892. The monument outside its entrance is a little newer, as evidenced by the death date of the former mayor. He got his name from being impossible to find as a child, and his parents therefore constantly calling, "Edward Reeves!! Where at?"

The School of Arts is on the southeast corner of Rouse and Manners Streets. The post office is on the northeast corner. The 1890 Exchange Hotel is here on the northwest corner.

Continuing north, the 1925 bank building is on the east side of Rouse Street.

The National Buildings are on the next corner up at High Street, also the Bruxner Highway leading to Ballina. They appear to have been designed by R&W.

The Art Deco Commercial Hotel, now restored and still letting rooms, is catty-corner from the National Buildings.

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