New South Wales - Federal Hwy.

Federal Highway, Highway M23

All photos were taken heading south.

Approaching the Lake George Range in Collector.

The hills are alive with the sound of windmills, looking east toward Currawang.

A more classic style.

Following the windmill trail along Collector Creek.

Panning from northeast to south at the Badcoe VC Rest Area, named for veteran Peter Badcoe who earned the Victoria's Cross medal. You can see Ondyong Point (at water level) and Stonewall Point (the hill behind it) in the 4th photo, then Smalley Hill pops up at the right of the last photo. This is Lake George at low water level.

On to Bywong, looking across Canberra to Mt. Majura from Donnelly Road.

From just outside the ACT border, here is the Telstra Tower on Black Mountain in front of the Bullen Range, then the farther Brindabella Range leads to the north (right) from there.

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