New South Wales - Kiama


The two newest objects on this page, the World War I-era Council Chambers on Manning Street and the Great War Memorial Arch in the roundabout at Terralong and Collins Streets.

The 1887 City Bank of Sydney is still a bank, but the bust of George Thorton, who was the first chairman of that bank, is obsolete.

18 Manning Street looks nondescript, but it was an even older bank, the 1881 Commercial Bank of Sydney.

Getting still older, the 1878 Italianate post office, on a site that was supposed to be a town hall. Therefore, it looks like a town hall.

Now for the oldest object on this page, the 1861 survey marker that was used as a base for surveying the entire Kiama district. It was originally located at the corner of the post office until it was hit by a (presumably turning) truck, and was then moved to a safer location at the end of Manning Street. How the end of a street is safer than a corner, you will have to explain to me. The second photo looks north at Pheasant Point, with Bombo Headland in the distance. Obviously those land formations are the oldest objects.

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