New South Wales - Gundagai


Photos start on the east side of town and head west along Sheridan Street.

The Gundagai War Memorial stands in the roundabout at Virgil Street. It was erected in 1928 and weighs just under 30 tonnes.

The 1879 post office building is on the southeast corner of Homer Street.

A 1903 building on the northeast corner, an 1885 building (St. Patrick's Catholic Church) on the northwest corner.

Past Byron Street; the red brick building is #139 for reference.

Next up is the 1860 court house and the monument to the 2nd Boer War in front of it.

The Criterion Hotel was built in 1939, hence the Art Deco touches.

What do recycled metal kangaroos have to do with Bidgee Cakes? What are Bidgee Cakes? I've never eaten a bidgee.

Finishing up the north side of Sheridan Street, we have the 1880 National Australia Bank building, which apparently has always been a NAB branch, at #201 Sheridan, then the oldest building on this page, the 1858 Lotts Family Hotel, and you can read the last one. "Family hotel" is Australian for "even more drinking than a regular hotel."

One last building on the south side. This is the second time on this page that a single building has called itself "Buildings."

Gundagai road photos - Prince Alfred Bridge
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