New South Wales - Berry


All photos were taken heading south through Berry on Queen Street, which is the former Princes Highway. Credit to the Village of Berry for publishing an informative walking tour brochure that gave me all the history for these buildings.

Now the Berry Museum, this was the 1884 English, Scottish, and Australian (ES&A) Bank.

On the left side of the road, the Berry Hotel was the 1888 Commercial Hotel. Beautiful verandahs were replaced by ugly brick fašade in 1924. Cause, you know, progress.

This was the 1896 Berry Estate building. Part of it has been a bakery continuously since then.

Our Book Shop started as a Fruit Shop in the late 1880s.

And finally, the 1892 Wilson's General Store Building. 1857 was the date James Wilson came to Australia, unrelated to the building.

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