New South Wales - Great Western Hwy.

Great Western Highway, Highway A32

Heading east into Glanmire (first 3 photos, left to right), Meadow Flat (4th photo), Mount Lambie (last 2 photos), and the sunrise (all). Wallerawang Power Station, at left in the 5th photo, no longer exists.

East of Lithgow, here are Hassan's Walls, the end of a long range of cliffs that extend from the Blue Mountains.

Approaching Hartley Historic Village (see big link below), I'm looking north at the cliffs around Brown's Gap. I would call these Brown's Gap Teeth.

Mt. Clarence, part of the cliffs out to Hassan's Walls, are to the northwest. Mt. York is to the northeast, another western extension of the Blue Mountains.

5 minutes west of Mt. Victoria, here's a panoramic view of Mount York.

Heading west through Wentworth Falls to Hotel Imperial in Mt. Victoria. The latter dates to circa 1878.

Hartley Historic Village
Big Miner's Safety Lamp and other Big Things

Katoomba and the Blue Mountains
Great Western Hwy. road photos
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