New South Wales - New England Hwy.

New England Highway, Highway A15

All photos were taken heading north.

Passing Mt. Royal north of Muswellbrook.

Scenery to the east, featuring Logans Mountain (2nd photo) and Colonel Mountain (3rd photo, looking southeast).

On either side of Scone, in the hazy distance there's the Glen Range, Wingen Maid, and Square Mountain from left to right.

Looking east from Parkville, there's Scone Mountain right there, then the foothills of Black Mountain to the northeast.

To the north, there's Wingen Maid to the left (1st photo) and the Warland Range dead ahead.

Leaving Willow Tree, after the first photo, everything else is a slow pan from left (NNW) to right (ESE), featuring Round Mountain (3rd photo), Big Double Mountain (penultimate photo), and Loders Mountain.

Entering Wallabadah, the first photo shows Round Mountain to the left and Loders Peak (not Mountain, completely different) in the distance.

Left and ahead past Wallabadah.

MacPherson Hill seen across Tamworth from Timbumburi, then a wider view with Mt. Daruka to the left from Kingswood. The last photo looks northeast from there at Blackjack and Sally Mountains.

Better view of MacPherson Hill (right), connected to Flagstaff Mountain.

A left/right photo pair showing Sally Mountain in the distance.

Peeking through a gap at the Black Mountain foothills just south of Moonbi.

North of Bendemere, the highway runs into a grove of gum trees that I consider photogenic.

20 kilometres north of Guyra, there were bushfire issues in November 2013. It made for interesting sights and smells.

Many places in Australia have standing rocks, where harder inclusions in the ground didn't weather as fast as the surrounding rock. Nearing the appropriately situated locality of Stonehenge, here one becomes a balancing rock.

Smoke-aided sunset approaching Tenterfield, ending with views of Mount Mackenzie to the west. The promontory in the 4th-5th photos is Little Bluff in the Bluff River Nature Reserve.

Sunrise leaving Tenterfield, looking toward Boonoo Boonoo and Bald Rock to the NNE.

Big Blue Heeler, Golden Guitar, Chook, Soldier, and other Big Things

Branxton, on former New England Hwy.
Scone, on former New England Hwy.
New England Hwy. road photos
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