New South Wales - Princes Hwy.

Princes Highway, Highway A1

All photos were taken heading southwest.

Heading south from Flinders, ahead is Saddleback Mountain, the end of the Illawarra Escarpment. The bluff of Noorinan Mountain rises to its right, and then as I turn right, I spy Dhruwalgha Mountain in the distance.

Filling in the blank, here is Noorinan Mountain as seen from an old oxbow of the Minnamurra River.

The Kiama skyline, with Kiama Blowhole at its easternmost point (1st photo).

Noorinan Mountain from Kiama.

Leaving Kiama, Moeyan Hill rises ahead, with Currys Mountain closer and to its right.

Closer to Moeyan Hill, now in Toolijooa.

From Broughton Village, Tomlins Hill is to the north (2nd photo).

In order: Broughton Head is to the northwest as I approach Berry. Kangaroo Ridge is to the north, encompassed by Barren Grounds Nature Reserve. The land below the ridge is Kangaroo Valley.

10 kilometres or so west of Berry, Cambewarra Mountain is ahead, and the second photo looks right (northwest).

Berry, on former Princes Hwy. (A1)

Bulli, on Princes Hwy. (B65)
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