Nova Scotia - Newfoundland Ferry

Argentia, NL to North Sydney, NS ferry (Part 2)

This ferry is so long that I saw sunset leaving one island and sunrise arriving at the other. Part 1 of the ferry trip is linked at bottom.

Panning from northeast to southeast pre-dawn, entering Sydney Harbour.

Same thing a few minutes later, varying exposure lengths for different amounts of colour. (I already said "Harbour," so I may as well stick with it.)

The sun is just about to cross the horizon, so the east shore of the harbour is starting to look pink instead of black. News flash: I like windmills. In the third photo, you may notice a red flash toward the upper right corner. I never figured out what it was - it didn't appear on any other photo - so I'm going with UFO.

This set of photos starts facing into the harbour (just enough light to get the sky blueish), rotating to the west, around to the north, and finally the east where the pink has turned melon. Fire clouds at dusk/dawn are my favorite phenomenon.

The mouth of the harbour (can't stop that extra 'u' now) with more fire clouds and good timing on the lighthouse. I won't lie, I took several tries to get the timing right.

Blue balls of dawn - so close, it hurts. I happened to catch the lighthouse right a second time, but with a much shorter exposure to capture the fire clouds optimally, the light is just a pixel in the shadows.

This is sunrise, and you can tell from the way the sun gleams off the faces of a few Sydney Mines houses and possibly a church. Given that suns rise in the east (and we all know each sun is a different one, hence the plural), this is the west. The much more frequent and shorter Port Aux Basques (NL) ferry is leaving North Sydney as we pull in from the longer and more expensive Argentia trip. (Compared to driving back 1,000 km, though, it's a good deal.)

My second favorite sky phenomenon is the exact point of sunrise or sunset. Don't stare directly at your computer.

Now that the sun has risen, I can quit the fancy exposures and just take photos. The first photo is North Sydney, and the ferry will dock just around the bend to the right. The second photo looks to the left as fog rolls in from the harbour through the coastal hills. It's annoying to drive through but beautiful from afar.

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