New Mexico - US 380 scenery - San Pedro Arroyo sunset

US 380 scenery - Sunset in San Pedro Arroyo

Photos were taken westbound and progress in that direction.

Descending the Little Burro Mountains into San Pedro Arroyo, looking south and a bit east. The last two photos are the same view, just with different camera settings. At 10 minutes before sunset, the only thing I can't play with is where the shadows fall.

Piece these together and you have a sunset panorama.
More southeastern Little Burro views, starting to turn yellowy-orange from the sun.

West, and the last photo looks north.

To the south, bringing out the pinks and reds.

Ending in another panoramic triptych.

Little Burro Mountains, getting redder.

Another three-part scene at the moment of sunset.

Looking left and right to the south.

I love long summer sunsets in the West. This entire page spans a half hour.

Long exposure of a hill that passes to the southeast, almost as if in daylight.

Looking mostly southward. The last two photos were taken at the same time, filtered differently to alternately bring out more light (and more contrast in the hills) and more colors (at the expense of light).

Panning from south to west, where the red has already dipped below the mountain and the yellow is fast following.

The color scheme to the east mirrors that of the west, except with the moon rising instead of the sun setting. Of course, the moon is just reflecting the light that the sun throws off.

More southerly views.

One last look east from San Antonio, in the trough of the Rio Grande valley. With the sun 20 minutes underground, it took a few seconds of exposure to bring out enough colors to resemble daylight.

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