New Mexico - US 66 - Tucumcari/Business I-40/Business US 54

Former US 66 in Tucumcari (and Business US 54/Business Loop 40)

Does that look like a Q to you?

How about now?

The overwhelming sense I got driving through Tucumcari is, "This place died 30 years ago." That's what happened all over US 66 when Interstate 40 was built, but many towns were able to partially recover by capitalizing on tourism. Other towns withered away to nothing, and Tucumcari has basically done that but refuses to admit it. So my reaction to this sign was, "Old downtown? You mean it gets older?"

$22 a night, $110 a week - for $440 a month I could live in Tucumcari. But what would I possibly do?

I think there was an inn to the right. Whatever there was, isn't.

And out the east side of town, finally.

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