Newfoundland - Nova Scotia Ferries - Sunset Photos

Argentia, NL to North Sydney, NS ferry: Sunset photos

I guess Prince Edward Island doesn't have exclusive domain on wind farms in Atlantic Canada. This isn't really sunset, but it's late enough for me to play with lighting effect and get the rays of heaven shining down.

My efforts to make everything eerie or ominous. Hard to do that with windmills, they're just fun and perky all the time.

Different exposures and, unintentionally, a botched focal length in the second photo turn the same sunlight into vastly different photos. In fact, I like the smooth haziness that I accidentally created just as much as the crisp first photo. Sandwiched between those two, I let the sun play with a peninsula or island just off the Burin Peninsula. The ferry is still following Newfoundland at this point, closing in on four hours after it left Argentia.

Hardcore sunset geeks, this is why you clicked on the link. The table-flat cloud on the horizon is the perfect backdrop to frame the end of the day.

The clouds are lit on fire as the edge of the sun is lost. These photos were taken no more than 5 seconds apart, but in that time the sun has disappeared. Assuming the lighting conditions are still nearly the same, you see the effects of different exposure times. A short exposure leads to muted colors but brings out the brightest oranges by contrast. A long exposure lights up the sky but loses some of the shock value.

The sun sets and the moon rises through a rainbow sky. They watch over the island of St.-Pierre, France's only North American territory together with its big sister Miquelon and happy to remain that way. There is a ferry between the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland and the French islands, and there's a small airport somewhere for winter when the ferry stops running (or if you don't like ferries).

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