New Jersey - Newark


Starting underneath the streets at the Washington Street station along the Newark City Subway (now known as the Light Rail).

More subway photos starting at Military Park. The tiles have been beautifully restored and all of the stations are clean and well-lit. Unfortunately, I can't say the same of the streets above ground at some of them.

Exiting at Military Park (or entering, if you will). To the north of the park towers the 60 Park building.

Also in that area, reflecting that Newark has been one of the nation's banking hubs for generations. (Prudential is still there, for example.)

Another place to exit (or reenter), Newark Penn Station.

Uptown to Broad Street Station.

From trains to planes, Newark Airport at sundown and an old outbuilding along northerly Brewster Road.

Some repurposed buildings along Market St. in downtown. The Broad & Market Tavern is in the Hub of Newark serving you the best. It may have died when Newark lost its hub, but guess what, it has one again! Bring on the booze!

One more Market St. building, and a former bank at that, partially awninged over on the bottom.

St. Columba's Church (1898) is a little off the main drag, South Street at Pennsylvania Avenue. It maintains Roman Catholicism in the Lincoln Park area.

Prudential Center (where the NJ Devils play)
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