New Jersey - New Brunswick

New Brunswick

The Fireman's Memorial was built in 1931 at the corner of Easton Avenue and Wyckoff Street.

Now in downtown, this old bank is on George Street at Church Street.

Over to Livingston Avenue, a still-functioning library and the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which you can shorten to "Bob" in casual parlance.

Have another church, the easier to pronounce (well, except for Bob) Sacred Heart Church on Suydam Street. The building in its shadow appears to be part of the church but rentable. Can't get a bead on just what goes on there.

Why go to Houston or Cape Canaveral? The space center is right here on Georges Road (NJ Route 171). Sure it is. I'd sooner believe the National Musical String Company makes a revival.

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