New Jersey - Morristown


Let's start right in the middle of the Green (the central square of Morristown). This spire is the Civil War monument.

The United Methodist Church is on the south side of the green. NJ Monthly Magazine occupies the adjacent building, which clearly predates the magazine's founding in 1976.

Century 21, originally Bamberger's, is on the north corner of the square. The building could be over 100 years old, as this was one of the original Bamberger's locations. The portraits of famous Revolutionary-era New Jerseyans continue around the east side along Speedwell Avenue. No idea about the building to its left, but also clearly old.

The Church on the Green, or First Presbyterian, is probably the most imposing building on the Green. There has been a church here for centuries, but the current building is the third iteration dating only to 1894. The last photo is the attached chapel.

Stepping away from the Green, here is the south side of South Street, featuring the 1888 YMCA in yellow.

Over to the 1827 Morris County Courthouse along Washington Street, one of the oldest courthouses still serving its original function (there are many 18th century structures, but most have been partially or fully supplanted by newer buildings).

Morristown eats a hole out of Morris Township, which shares a ZIP code and therefore is always referenced as Morristown. But I am very much in the Township when I'm at the Bickford Theatre at Morris Museum.

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