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Giants Stadium, still alive in 2007 but not long for this world. The new joint stadium opened in 2010, is not named for only one of the two teams, and actually allows the Jets to be the home team every other time they play the Giants.

As the new stadium is constructed, the gigantic playpen known as Xanadu takes shape in the background, across NJ Route 120. Part of the amazingness is an indoor ski slope, which is the multistory fun-slide contraption on the left. If it ever opens. Ten years and counting as of this caption.

The Jets practicing in the western end zone, where they would ultimately aim in the second and fourth quarters of the game.

Ben Graham, the Aussie-rules kicker who can put a mean backspin on a short-distance pooch punt to land the ball inside the opponent's 5 with no hope of touchback or runback.

This sequence was cobbled together from three separate plays, but it shows scrimmage pitting Chad Pennington (#10) against his own defense. See more of scrimmage at the big link at the bottom of the page.

The red arrow points to Chad Pennington, Jets starting quarterback at the time. The yellow arrow points to Kellen Clemens, who is now the starting quarterback as I write this. Kellen is one of the K-named sons of Roger Clemens.

Now into the actual game, Chad prepares to take a snap against the Giants in the very partisan stadium (Jets fans have a tough time getting tickets for an "away" game), and zoom lens technology brings you the unparalleled action shot of Pennington actually receiving a snap from center Nick Mangold.

Watch a scrimmage field goal by Mike Nugent (#1)

Welcome to the New Meadowlands Stadium, so far called MetLife.

The cheerleaders are sure excited to be here. For the first time, they're lining up in orderly formations. The kicker and punter seem unimpressed.

Let's get the players on the field. Rex Ryan was very proud of his defense, so while the entire offense and special teams came out in a blob - even the quarterback - the defensive players got individual and fiery entrances. The three bursts seen here are for Sione Pouha, David Harris, and Jim Leonhard.

The blurry first half kickoff (Miami) and much clearer second half kickoff, zoomed in from the upper level.

Let's pretend this is all related to a single play, from huddle through instant replay.

Saving the best for last, but not in terms of photography. October 17, 2011 was the date chosen to induct that year's Ring of Honor, quite possibly just because the opponent was Miami. This year you can see Larry Grantham, Freeman McNeil, Gerry Philbin, and Al Toon (which elicited a lot of TOOOOOONs that... I just... why would you chant someone's name that sounds like booing?).
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