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Photos circle the historic district of Colburn Park at city center.

Starting along West Park Street. The Whipple Building originally proclaimed its name in gold letters.

The 1828 First Congregational Church and even older 8 South Park Street house (1819) get us started on South Park Street.

The 1842 William Willis House is at the other end of the square, 2 South Park.

The 1937 post office and 1909 library are along East Park Street.

With several streets coming together at the northeast corner of Colburn Park, I find 3 Campbell Street just next to 1 Bank Street. 1 Bank is the Carter Homestead or Campbell-Carter House, originally built in 1848 but significantly modified in 1895 after being gutted by a fire. The lion in front is the Carter family symbol and led to the house being known as Lionhurst. 3 Campbell was built in 1892 for Colonel Frank Churchill.

The 1898 Carter Fountain is inside the gore of Campbell Street across from the Carter Homestead. It was formerly the top part of a larger fountain at Hough Square to the northwest. Click for a detailed closeup.

Although not a historic landmark, the 1950 gas station was built to resemble one. The building that was there before, the Garrish Mansion, certainly was one in its time.

The 1890 Soldiers' Memorial Building and 1911 Hotel Rogers, now Rogers House, are along North Park Street.

I intentionally started along the west side of the park to save the best for last: 1924 City Hall, on the site of the original 1792 building (well, it was moved there early in its life, but lasted until 1922).

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