New Hampshire - Exeter


The 1775 Folsom Tavern on the south side of Water Street.

Why isn't a parkway on a Roads page? Because it's actually just a linear park. The 1931 Swasey Parkway is a popular festival area.

All along the north side of Water Street (NH Route 27) through the square at Front Street (NH Routes 108/111). The "1770 - Kimballs" building is much less historic than you'd think. Formerly Kimball's Hardware, all of the signs on the front were different in the 1950s and the roof was flat instead of peaked. The window arches are at least 60 years old, though I can't vouch for more than that.

Town Hall is on the southwest corner at Front Street.

This 1809 inn is on the southeast corner.

This is the 1709 Gilman garrison house. I used lower case to emphasize that the "garrison" part is its construction, not its name. With thick logs and an actual portcullis (the spiky castle door that is lowered on invading enemies), this was built not as any sort of fort, just as a gateway to an economically important mill complex. I can't imagine who would have invaded Exeter just for a sawmill.

The 1822 Long Block is across from the Gilman house at Franklin and Clifford Streets.

Water Street becomes High Street after crossing the Squamscott River. This house is #20-22 on the north side.

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